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The Low Down on Pee and Poop February 18, 2010

Posted by 2030arch in LEED STUDY GROUP.

The low down on Pee and Poo!

Ecological Sanitation – waterless toilets and urine harvesting – can save water, protect the environment, and create free fertilizer around the world. Learn the “how and why” of composting toilets and urine reuse, see projects from Mexico, China, Sweden, Zimbabwe, and the Bay Area. Share your composting toilet and urine reuse experiences and
learn from others.

When: Thursday February 25th, 7:30-9:00 pm.
Where: Common Circle Education 2130 Center St (near downtown Berkeley BART station)
Cost: $5-$20 sliding scale*

The presenter, Laura Allen, has  visited ecological sanitation projects in the U.S., Mexico, and El Salvador, and researched other projects around the world. She has had a composting toilet and urine harvesting system in her home for the past six years. As a founding member of Greywater Action, she leads hands-on workshops about
sustainable water systems.

*This is a benefit event for “Free the Hikers,” three Americans who have been detained in Iran for the past six months. One of the hikers, Sarah Shourd, is a close friend of Laura’s and they traveled throughout Mexico to conduct interviews with ecological sanitation experts when Laura was performing research for the book “Dam Nation: Dispatches of the Water Underground.” All proceeds from this event will support the legal fees and travel costs for the families of the three hikers. To learn more visit: freethehikers.org

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1. Amily Huang - February 19, 2010

Hi All:
Hope you had a successful meeting tonight.

Speaking of Pee and Poo:
Have you seen the Toilet+Sink Combo?
The design is not the most elegant, but it is an interesting concept.
If a company like Waterworks takes on this toilet, it has potentials to be attractive. Why do I like it?
It saves space=smaller building footprint (reminds me off the water closets in europe where toilets and sinks are 50% smaller). Additionally it recycles the water used for washing for the toilet.

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