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Homeless House August 31, 2010

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Ron Rael and Virginia San Fratello need a little help gathering signs for a project they are building in NYC made of homeless signs as the primary building material.


student design competition for FALL Semester August 31, 2010

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The design of educational facilities serves as a major focus for architects and the communities in which they live and work. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that there were 95,726 public schools in the United States in 2005, nearly 10,000 more than in 1995. And even in the current economic downturn, the American Institute of Architects indicates that the design and construction of schools represents the driving force of designs fees for architecture firms in the United States.While population growth is projected to level off in the next few years, schools will continue to serve as the center for education in the community. School districts in the US will need to start building schools that address the needs of their users, needs that reach far beyond the color of paint in the classroom. And these large buildings will also need to start using technology and building systems to help reduce their economic and environmental impact.Elementary schools in particular have generally simple programmatic requirements and allow for tremendous creativity within the design solution. The challenge comes in making a building that functions in the simplest way possible for the young minds of children, provides a modern workplace for the teachers and staff and promotes the spirit of its community.Kawneer and AIAS give students achance to meet these challenges in the 2010 Schools of Tomorrow Design Competition….

Click HERE for pdf  Competition Information

Sustainable Urban Planning August 12, 2010

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Curitiba is one of the greenest cities in the world and has accomplished this through innovative planning and design


Manufactured Sites August 12, 2010

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Interesting posting on a project proposing the reuse of materials discarded from manufacturing plants and repurposed to create low-cost affordable housing for the underpaid empoloyees.  A great example of ways that society can be improved with the help of architecture and through sustainable practices:


August 11, 2010

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West Coast Green is the world’s largest symposium on green innovation.

A three-day conference, expo, and forum, where the most valuable ideas
meet visionary thinkers at the drawing board for a cleaner, brighter future.

It’s all connected. Be here.

  • 200+ exhibits – Explore, engage and interact with valuable, viable, world-changing concepts, businesses and technologies.
  • 125+ speakers – Hear the inspiring visions and tangible strategies of the most influential voices of the green revolution, including William McDonough, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Panama Bartholomy, Michelle Kaufmann, Eric Corey Freed, Dan Kammen, Andrew Tang, Arianna Huffington and more!
  • Innovation Pipeline – Witness new technologies at their unveiling, from breakthrough 3D home design systems to next-gen solar roofing tiles, it’s a peek into the future.
  • Entrepreneurship Series – Collaborate and strategize directly with industry experts through one-on-one consultations focused on taking your concept to the next level.
  • Smart Grid Chat – Help shape the future of clean energy distribution by joining the industry’s key players in exploring the new age of smart grids and their endless opportunity.
  • More – Take a spin around the Green Auto Innovation Pipeline, tour the Self-sustaining Show Home, check out the Hanging Storm Water Gardens, then relax for a while at the Organic Beer & Wine Garden because there’s much more to see and do.

2030 group trip to the DUMP! August 11, 2010

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1.  Justin contemplating Waste

2. The group!

3. The stink!

Check out the blog on the trip here