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Clip It On! March 17, 2010

Posted by 2030arch in 1.

Green up urban landscapes with some simple add ons and new technologies…



1. Amily Huang - March 18, 2010

Hi All:
While the article is an interesting read, I strongly disagree. Greening is not about “clipping some things on your building”. One of the comments in the article said that the catalog of ideas are a bit too exotic (I agree) . There’s better way to approach , instead of a catalog of parts.

My thoughts for now…
Hopefully you are all working on the charrette or studio projects including some green visionary ideas.


2. 2030arch - March 25, 2010

I agree, Amily. I feel like this could be an interesting start for greening an existing structure, though. It could become a strong base to work off of for a more integrated system of sustainability.

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