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Amily’s Bridge Comments March 8, 2010

Posted by 2030arch in Case Studies, References.

Thoughtful project. I’ve often wondered why we need a new bridge? Why was it not possible to fix the old one. We know how it behaves structurally already and fixing it would still be much cheaper and sustainable than building new. The blog below shows some more details and spatial connections.


I encourage all to check out more work by Rael-San Fratello- the architects for the Bay Bridge Repurposing Project
Check out the “Planter Brick”




1. Donovan Lord - March 8, 2010

perhaps there’s a way to integrate the existing bridge with ideas from this?

2. Anonymous - March 9, 2010

Hi Donovan! Good to see you on the blog. I spoke to Mary and Justin (they are 2 of the group leaders/founders), and if you would like to join and contribute (i.e. help manage the postings, inquire about competitions, study material for LEED), you can contact them. Mary Telling is in your online ARH 601 class. You can email her directly from your classroom.

I’m also recruiting my online student from 650 to join too!


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