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Mission Statement February 12, 2010

Posted by 2030arch in Mission + Current Projects.

The 2030 challenge is a dedication to the education and practice of sustainable green architecture with the ultimate goal of carbon neutral buildings by the year 2030. Buildings produce 40% of the earth’s carbon footprint and it is our duty as future architects/designers to learn the strategies we can employ to reduce this waste. Any student involved in this group would be making a commitment during their studies and future practice to attain the goals of the 2030 challenge.

The 2030 group would attain these goals through:

  • A discussion group that examines current topics, studio projects, and precedent case studies about the 2030 challenge and LEED certified projects
  • Presentations by local architects about projected and built LEED projects
  • Student Competitions involved in Sustainable Design
  • Development of a 2030 proposal for 601 Brannan that would include long term goals as well as short term solutions
  • Design strategies for the Solar Decathlon
  • A Student operated LEED study group that will prepare students interested in associate LEED certification prior to graduation


1. Mary Telling - February 12, 2010

Welcome all students to the 2030 Blog Site!
Feel free to add any information to upload into the Arch Share “2030” folder on the network, sub-folder “Blog”

2. Amily Huang - February 13, 2010

Hi Everyone! Great effort by all the officers. Glad to see that you are interested in increasing your green literacy. I will check in and comment on this blog to share my insights.

All the best,
Amily Huang

3. David D. Makhan - February 13, 2010

This promises to be a great forum. Looking forward to the information and ensuing discussions.

Any info on the student track for LEED available as yet?

4. Justin Farmer - February 14, 2010

Great news!

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